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I am not able to access or login into my Swipecart dashboard on WordPress
I am not able to access or login into my Swipecart dashboard on WordPress
Are you not able to access Swipecart or log in to its dashboard on your WooCommerce store? Read this to resolve the issue.
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Swipecart is the best platform to create a drag-and-drop mobile app for e-commerce platforms.

It uses the core API of WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, WixCommerce, and other e-commerce platforms to get real-time data from the store. Sometimes, if the core API of the store is disabled or migrated to another location, Swipecart is not able to read the real-time data. This issue may sometimes happen due to third-party plugin conflicts or invalid settings, also.

To secure our authentication, we normally reject all invalid API requests and redirect them back to Swipecart's main login page, as you can see in the image below.

If you are redirected back to the main login page, no worries. You don’t have to log in again. You can resolve the issue of your store API not accepting requests from Swipecart by changing the settings.

So, we recommend you change the following setting in your WordPress dashboard.

  • Login to the WordPress dashboard.

  • Then go to the Permalinks option under Settings in the left menu.

  • Select the Post name option and save the Permalink structure.

  • If you have already set that option, then just save it.

Another method to check whether the API is working for WooCommerce or not is as follows.

Try https://{}/wp-json/ . If It returns with something like data non 404 then it is working fine.

If the issue still persists and you don’t see any change, we’ll be glad to assist you. Contact us or our implementation specialist, and we’ll resolve the issue ASAP.

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