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  • March 2023

    Everything you need to know - Discover what's new in our App update

    Release 1

    Social Login Plugin

    • To improve customer convenience and close more sales, we have introduced the Social Login plugin. With this social plugin, your customers can avert the hassle of creating a new account in your mobile app and sign in directly with their social media credentials. Thereby, your customers will feel secure while logging into your mobile app.
    • Get to choose the layout of your Social Media buttons from our multiple variants. Add the necessary information to make login easy for your customers.
    • Pro Tip: The lesser the number of fields/forms to fill, the higher the chances of a customer creating an account with you

    Growave Integration

    • Are you looking to introduce reward programs or enable customers to leave their reviews? Then, integrating your mobile app with Growave is an excellent solution. Our new upgrade of integrating with Growave lets your customers leave reviews that you can display on noticeable locations. By this, you can effortlessly win your customer’s trust and boost sales.
    • With a click of a button, you can complete the integration and configure your app for reviews and rewards - all right from your mobile app.
    • Some perks of this integration:
    • Gather automated reviews and list them on your mobile store
    • Generate rates with a custom rewards program
    • Introduce reward programs to boost resales

    Improved Discount Code Plugin

    • We have great news🤩! Your guest users can use coupons that were previously available only for your logged-in users. How? We have made an upgrade to the Discount Code plugin. Moving forward, your guest users can buy products with the coupon codes available in your mobile store.
    • However, you can take the final call. For you to decide on its visibility, we have added a toggle to enable or disable the coupon codes for guest users.

    Refined App Layout Design

    • App Layout is the crux of your mobile app. This is your end product made available to your customers. So, it is our prime responsibility to deliver the best features for a seamless user experience. In this release, we made a few tweaks to improve the shopping experience of your customers.

    • If you want to display the Vendor or Brand name of the product, you can showcase it. With a swipe of a toggle, you can display the Vendor/Brand names on the product, cart, and categories page.

    • Your customers can now see the number of items left in stock. With this, they can make quick sales decisions and boost your sales. You can effortlessly configure it right from your App Design page.

    UI Enhancements

    We are committed to improving the user experience of the customers at every step. Our aim is to optimize the platform so that your customers love every minute in your mobile store.

    We have revised the way you publish your app. To avoid information mismatches and problems in publishing, we have improved the Publish App flow to collect all the necessary information before proceeding to publish it.

    As a move to boost your app engagement, we have made some exciting upgrades to the UI.

    • You can now customize your Widgets with the top and bottom padding options and adjust them to suit your app look.
    • Redirect the Product Details page to user-defined pages with our latest upgrade in the Additional Info plugin.
    • Allow/Restrict your customers from viewing the order confirmation pop-up from the General Settings page.

    Do you have any other ideas? Drop us an email. We’d love to add them to our future updates 😃

    Bug Fixes

    Along with adding new features, we also make continued efforts to optimize the existing features. In this update, we have eliminated some bugs in Swipecart.

    Here is a list of some of the important bugs that we dealt with.

    Fixed: New arrivals not loading on the home page

    Fixed: The last visit is not displayed in the page visits list

    Fixed: Individual users are not receiving notifications from the admin

    Fixed: Widgets are not visible

    Fixed: Smart product filter and search is not working

    Fixed: Unable to convert Arabic to English

    Fixed: Unable to add products with frequently bought together in the cart

    Fixed: Login button is not visible in the side menu

    Fixed: Settings not visible on the Profile page

    Fixed: Discount code is not working

    Fixed: Filters are not working

    Fixed: Shipping charges are not calculated in the total

    Fixed: Mismatch in the date shown on the website and mobile app

    Fixed: Push notification is not redirecting to the product or collection page

    Fixed: Search is not working

    Fixed: All products are not visible in the product slider

    Fixed: When users click an image banner, they are not redirected to the desired collection

    Fixed: Strikeout price is not reflecting

    Fixed: Translation required in the El-Capote app

    Fixed: Product is not clickable

    Fixed: Facing sorting and filter issue

    Fixed: There is a blank space below the note

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    We have more interesting releases lined up for you. Keep an eye on this space for more such updates.