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  • April 2023

    Everything you need to know - Discover what's new in our App update

    Release 1

    Release 2

    Release 1

    Mobile Login Plugin

    • Are your customers struggling with lengthy app registration forms? We have put an end to your customers’ login woes. In the wake of receiving good feedback for our Social Login plugin that we introduced in our previous update, we wanted to introduce something that would not just simplify the registration and login process but also add a strong security layer to the user’s account.
    • After several brainstorming sessions and weighing the pros and cons, we have introduced the Mobile Login plugin. This coveted plugin simplifies the login process for customers. When we say simplify, we are referring to simplification in the true sense.
    • All your customer has to do is enter their phone number📱. They will receive an OTP for validation. Their registration is complete in a few steps.

    Pro Tip: Have a Twilio account ready before installing the plugin. You need the Account SID, Auth Token Number, and phone number to activate this plugin.

    Multi-Region Plugin

    • The Multi-Region plugin is aimed at helping you merge several stores into one app or replicate your existing store into multiple stores, each with a different currency and product markup price, to serve customers in different regions.
    • The benefit of this plugin is that your customers can easily switch between stores and select the store of their convenience to complete the transaction.

    Use Case 1: If you are selling products in Europe🌍, you can set up different stores on your Swipecart app for France, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, etc. You can opt to display product prices in the local currency and different product markup prices. The biggest benefit is that customers get to switch between these stores on the app and purchase in their desired currency.

    Use Case 2: If you have published an app on Swipecart for high-end fashion and another for budget apparel, you can bring them together and give customers the option to switch between these two stores from one single app.

    Multi-Language Plugin

    Don’t let language come between you and your customers. Talk to them in their language by creating an app that has the ability to reach your target audience in their local language🌐

    It goes without saying that the Multi-Language plugin is a necessity for our clients, and we are happy to be able to provide them with an amazing way to engage with their target audience.

    The features of this plugin are:

    • Select as many language translations as you want.
    • For specific words that are not translated, upload the original text and its translated text list in CSV format.
    • You can manually add one at a time if there aren’t many changes required. The app automatically searches for that keyword and changes it with your translated text.
    • Set a default language, and your app is ready to go live.


    • The T Lab- AI Language Translate tool is necessary for the Multi-language Switcher plugin to work successfully.
    • Integrate it into your app soon after you complete installing the Multi-language plugin.
    • Click here to know how to integrate the T Lab-AI Language Translate tool into Swipecart.

    Tip: You can change the default language setting even after your app is published. But it will take at least 6-7 days for the changes to reflect on the republished app.

    Recharge Subscriptions Integration

    Think of subscriptions, and what instantly crosses your mind is Netflix or Amazon. But did you know even regular e-commerce stores like yours can bundle products and offer them as a subscription service? This is where our Recharge Subscriptions integration tool comes into the picture!

    Be it medicines, cosmetics, groceries, clothing, or services, allow customers to make their own subscription bundles through this tool💯

    Features for your customers:

    • Add or swap products and personalize the bundle.
    • Manage the delivery & billing information.
    • Sign up for SMS or email notifications.

    Benefits for you:

    • Cross-sell by providing customization options in subscriptions.
    • Upsell by allowing subscription upgrades.
    • Measure AOVs, churn rates, sales, recurring revenue, and more.

    Increase customer retention rates and get a regular revenue stream for your online business by integrating the Recharge Subscriptions tool into your Swipecart app.

    Return Prime: Order Returns App

    Amidst the hustle of selling, many e-commerce brands forget the importance of managing product returns. It is not simply a logistical challenge. It is a differentiator for your brand and is critical for customer satisfaction. Don't let a complicated return process ruin the customer experience for your app.

    To make the product return process easy for customers and its management easier for you, we have introduced the

    integration of the Return Prime: Order Returns app on Swipecart. With it, you can take charge of returns and exchanges in a way that benefits both you and your customers.

    From setting return policies and managing returns, exchanges, and refunds to powerful analytics, you can easily optimize return management for your app.

    Pro Tip: This tool also integrates with over 25 logistic partners to simplify your shipping process📦

    Changes in the Product Detail View Page

    We have added three new features to the Product Detail View page on Swipecart to make it more engaging.

    Low stock alert

    • The Low Stock Alert helps you to display low product stock information and encourage customers to buy the stock for the fear of missing out. You can access it in the product variation section by clicking on Edit Style.
    • Set the Minimum Stock Limit value for the product and customize the Alert Text message. Use this to show that the product is low on stock and encourage customers to buy it instantly.

    New Add To Cart button variation

    • Instead of keeping the Add To Cart button simple, make it attractive to engage the app users.
    • Give customers the option to add the product to their cart, save it to their favorites list, buy now, or increase/decrease the product quantity- all with the Add To Cart button style variation.

    Container padding option

    • Swipecart has now deployed the container padding option for a few features on the Product Detail View page.

    • Access the Container Padding option through Edit Style for Product Image, Product Title & Price section, Variant Display View, Product Description, Banner widget, Quantity widget, Review widget, Product Recommendation widget, and Share widget.
    • Adjust the container padding for these sections through the range slider to suit your app theme UI style. Make it consistent across the app to boost user engagement.

    UI Enhancements

    We're on a mission to make your customers' shopping experience all the more amazing!

    We're thrilled to announce some seriously exciting upgrades to our user interface that will take your app engagement to the next level🤩

    • Merchants can now display Recently Viewed Products in any of the product slider and product grid widgets.
    • The added languages are now reflected in the text editor. The merchant can type the content on it in any of the added languages.
    • Redesigned the order details page to include details about unfulfilled, fulfilled, paid, canceled, and on-hold order status.
    • A section for each language is created in the widgets where you need to upload banner images. The merchant will now be able to load different banners for the added languages.
    • A sticky header in the Product Detail View page so that the customer does not need to scroll up to add the product to the wishlist.
    • Sold-out tags are available now as some unique products are not restocked.
    • You can now add a social share button for each product on the Product Detail View page.
    • In the Product Grid view, if a product has variants, a popup appears with the variant types so that the customer can select the variant and add it to the cart.

    Get ready for some enhancements the next time too to give your customers a delightful shopping experience!

    Bug Fixes

    We believe in constant improvement, which is why we're always working to enhance your experience with us. In our latest update, we have taken care of some important bugs that were hampering the app experience.

    Here's a rundown of what we've fixed:

    Fixed: Error message when trying to log in with the mobile number.

    Fixed: Getting a blank page when proceeding with the Shopify Native checkout.

    Fixed: Some keywords weren’t converting into English.

    Fixed: Uploaded image not displaying on the banner.

    Fixed: The language is English, but the checkout page is in Spanish.

    Fixed: Permission to open URL in mobile view in Smile integration.

    Fixed: Page not redirecting to the home page when using the Social Login plugin.

    Fixed: Product description not showing up on some product detail view pages for WooCommerce stores.

    Release 2

    Shopify Search & Discovery

    Are you looking for a way to help customers find what they want easily so that conversions can be faster? Try the Shopify Search & Discovery integration on Swipecart. This predictive search feature takes user interactions to the next level, making it easier and faster for shoppers to find the perfect product.

    • This tool gives you access to a wide range of advanced search and personalization modules. The smart collection filters and search algorithms are based on shopper behavior, store inventory, and data, allowing you to offer customized search results to your customers.

    The benefits of Shopify Search & Discovery integration for your store are:

    ✔️Enhance the shopping experience of your customers by providing the best search tool for them.

    ✔️Make your products easily discoverable and let shoppers convert into loyal customers.

    ✔️Sell more through effective merchandising. Give priority to the product you want to sell in the search results display.

    Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your app and give your customers the search experience they deserve.

    Need more information 👉 check out our tutorial on How to integrate Shopify Search & Discovery with Swipecart?

    Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery

    • Getting your delivery process on point is crucial to efficiently managing your business and making your customers happy. Dispatching a handful of daily deliveries is easy, but letting customers select their delivery dates and organizing delivery for products is a challenge when the volumes increase. That’s where Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery comes into the picture!
    • This powerful tool allows your customers to schedule the date and time for delivery, pickup, and shipping of their orders on your app, providing them with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.
    • Integrating Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery into your Swipecart app gives you the power to manage orders more efficiently and provide a seamless delivery experience for your customers. With features like delivery zone control, order limits, and security code verification, you can create a hassle-free order fulfillment process within minutes.

    For a detailed tutorial, check out our help article on How to integrate Zapiet- Pickup + Delivery into Swipecart?


    Good news 🥳

    You can now integrate the No.1 email automation tool into your Swipecart app. With Klaviyo, you can build long-term customer relationships at scale.

    • The feature-packed email and SMS automation tool empowers you to send personalized communications to your customers based on super-specific segmentation. With ready-to-use templates and a suite of powerful tools, Klaviyo makes it easy to turn customer communication into brand loyalty.

    You can segment customers, customize emails, and schedule automatic triggers to engage customers at the right time. Plus, with predictive analytics and automated A/B testing, you can continually improve your marketing campaigns and maximize conversion and sales. So why wait? It’s time to try this tool to engage with your customers.

    Know more 👉 How to integrate Klaviyo into Swipecart?

    WhatsApp Chat

    Do you want to resolve customer queries quickly and efficiently? Implement the best conversational marketing strategy by integrating WhatsApp Chat on your mobile app. It is a direct channel available to make voice and video calls, send text messages, and more to your customers.

    • With WhatsApp Business, interacting with customers has never been easier. You can list your business profile, use labels to organize your chats and messages, and even send order updates and tracking links directly to customers. Plus, with real-time chats and the ability to capture customer requirements and feedback, you can improve your products and services to build brand loyalty and trust.

    Have you already figured out a strategy to capture customers through WhatsApp Chat? Because if you haven’t, you’re missing out on opportunities to sell. Integrate this tool on your Swipecart app today!

    Know more about this integration 🙌 How to integrate WhatsApp Chat into Swipecart?

    UI Enhancements

    Brace yourself for an incredible upgrade to our user interface that will make your app engagement skyrocket!🚀 We can't wait to show you how our latest improvements will make your customers' shopping experience absolutely amazing! Get ready to be wowed!🤩

    • Redefine the way your customers view the cart page with different cart variations. Choose the variant that goes along with your brand and improve your app’s engagement.
    • Relish the fresh look of the cart page with a new layout. Provide a comfortable shopping experience for your customers and ensure a rise in repeated buys.

    Bug Fixes

    We don't settle for anything less than extraordinary! That's why we're always striving to enhance your experience with us and provide you with the best service possible. And, we've got some fantastic news! Our latest update is here and we're confident that your experience with Swipecart will be smoother than ever before!

    Fixed: New arrivals are not loading on the home page in the WooCommerce platform

    Fixed: The customer is able to log into the account even after deleting it

    Fixed: Unable to sort and filter the products in the mobile app

    Fixed: Unable to locate the Settings option on the Profile page

    Fixed: A strange currency symbol appears when the user changes the currencies

    Fixed: Push notification is not redirecting to the product or collection page

    Fixed: The last page visited is not recorded in the visit history

    Fixed: Broken image issue in the Mobile preview

    Fixed: Unable to click the variants of the products

    Fixed: The cart is not getting clear when adding frequently brought-together items

    Fixed: No uniformity in the currency shown after currency conversion

    Swipecart has state-of-the-art features and functionalities to deliver a unique shopping experience for your customers. Have a look at our knowledge hub to get acquainted with the trending features, plugins, and integrations to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything!

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