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How to integrate Facebook Conversion Tracking into Swipecart?
How to integrate Facebook Conversion Tracking into Swipecart?
Integrate Facebook Conversion Tracking to track pre-defined app events through Facebook, such as Add To Cart, Purchase, Search, and more.
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What is Facebook Conversion Tracking?

The Facebook Conversion Tracking tool helps you track the actions taken by users on the app. You can set it to track some of the events provided by Facebook, such as Add To Wishlist, App Installs, Signup, Login, Purchase, Search results, and more.

Benefits of Facebook Conversion Tracking

Integrate the Facebook Conversion Tracking tool on your Swipecart app and track user activities to get crucial information to improve online sales and profits.

  • Identify high-performing audience segments and focus your efforts there.

  • Study how your customers use the app and what the high-converting pages are.

  • Analyze key interactions, such as Search, Install, Add to Cart, Checkout, View Product, and Sign-up.

  • Analyze the results to increase app conversions and sales.

Steps to integrate Facebook Conversion Tracking with Swipecart

Let’s begin integrating Facebook Conversion Tracking into the Swipecart app.

  • To begin with, navigate to Add-ons -> Integrations on Swipecart.

  • Click Facebook Conversion Tracking in the All Integrations section.

  • You’ll be redirected to the Facebook Conversion Tracking detail page.

  • Here, click Integrate and confirm the integration by tapping Install.

  • Enter the Facebook App ID and Facebook Client Token.

  • Enter the Facebook Display Name and tap on Save.

Click here to learn more about how to generate Facebook App ID, Facebook Display Name, and Facebook Client Token.

Facebook Conversion Tracking is now integrated into your Swipecart app. You can now start using it to get insights into user activities on your app.

For any inquiries about Facebook Conversion Tracking integration, we encourage you to get in touch with our implementation specialist or contact our support team.

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