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  • How to embed videos on Swipecart using the Text widget?

    In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to embed videos on your Swipecart app’s home page using the Text widget.

    Swipecart offers you multiple options to put promotional videos for products, collections, or offers on your mobile app. Click here to learn how to upload videos using the Carousel Banner, Single Banner, Banner Grid, or Banner Slider widgets on Swipecart.

    One more option is to embed the video code. Use the Text Widget on Swipecart to embed videos on your app’s home page. Let’s learn about the process here.

    Steps to embed videos on Swipecart using the Text Widget

    Click on App > Design on your Swipecart admin.

    Click Edit on the design on which you want to insert a video.

    On the design dashboard, navigate to the Home tab and select Text Widget from the widget dropdown panel.

    Drag and drop the Text widget to position inside the app design layout. Hover over it and click on Add/Edit Content to open the text editor.

    Click on the Change Mode (</>) icon. The mode changes from graphics to text (HTML code).

    Insert the iframe code of the video here and tap on Save.

    The video is now embedded on the app’s home page. Save the updates and preview the changes you made on your mobile device. Learn more about How to preview your app on your mobile device?

    That’s it. If you have any queries regarding embedding videos on Swipecart, you can contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you.

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