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  • May 2023

    Everything you need to know - Discover what's new in our App update

    Release 1

    Release 2

    Release 1

    Hideout Products Plugin

    To deliver a brilliant shopping experience to your customers, we have added a brand-new plugin to our plugin collections - Hideout Products plugin πŸŽ‰ Leverage this plugin to hide the out-of-stock products from the products page and shift your customer’s focus on available products.

    With a swipe of a toggle, you can hide your unavailable products and list them again once they are back in stock. Not just that, you can also hide their variants and categories. Avert any disappointments from the customer end and increase the satisfaction rate by listing only ready-to-ship products.

    Pro Tip: You can opt to change the toggle whenever you want.

    Need more information πŸ‘‰ check out our tutorial on How to install the Hideout Products plugin on Swipecart?

    Product Meta Fields Plugin

    This product update is definitely a plugin party πŸ₯³ for all those who are eagerly waiting for exciting plugins from our end. The next plugin in our list is the Product Meta Fields plugin πŸ₯

    Have you been struggling with sharing additional information related to the products with your customers?

    Are you facing a rise in the product return rate? 😲

    You can stop worrying! We have the perfect solution through this plugin πŸ™Œ Add crucial or additional information on your products directly on the Product Detail View page, Cart View page, and other product widgets.

    So, what does this plugin allow you to add as meta fields? πŸ€” By installing this plugin, you can:

    βœ… Configure pickup and delivery date of products

    βœ… Showcase the expiration date of products

    βœ… Display default messages for pickups and deliveries

    Isn’t it a wonderful solution for businesses selling perishable goods or products that comes with a shorter expiration date? πŸ˜€ Install the plugin today and make your interactions with customers easier.

    Check out our detailed article for more information πŸ‘‰ How to install the Product Meta Fields plugin on Swipecart?

    Multi-Currency Plugin

    Nowadays, most companies around the world do business globally 🌎 This trend has gained momentum post-COVID. When you expand your business to new markets, there are two factors that will certainly arise in your mind other than language barriers.

    • How to convert the default currency to the native currency of customers?
    • Is it feasible to collect payments in their local currency?

    You can achieve both βœ”οΈ by leveraging the Multi Currency plugin of Swipecart. This plugin doesn’t limit to displaying the prices in the local currency but also lets you decide the allowed currencies for payment.

    Utilize the roundoff facility present in this plugin to avert discrepancies while conversions and receive the right amount without any losses to your customer and you.

    Curious to know more? Read our tutorial on How to activate and install the Multi-Currency plugin on Swipecart?

    App Review Plugin

    We have exciting news to share ❣️ You can now prompt your customers to leave a review with our last plugin in this edition - The App Review plugin 🀩 As a business, you must know the hassle of collecting and displaying genuine reviews from customers. It is not easy. You also have to be careful not to spam them while collecting reviews.

    Using this interactive App Review plugin, you will have solutions to all your woes while collecting reviews. With this plugin, you can request reviews,

    βœ”οΈ When your customers place an order

    βœ”οΈ When your customer receives their orders

    βœ”οΈ When your customer spends a certain time in your app

    Our feature list doesn’t end here, you also get to choose the layout of your popup while requesting reviews.

    Sounds exciting? You’ll definitely have no qualms as you start using the plugin. Do share your feedback with us after using it πŸ‘

    Go through our tutorial on How to install and activate the App Review plugin on Swipecart? for more details.

    UI Enhancements

    Get ready to experience a smooth and engaging user interface with our latest update πŸš€ Our team has made two significant updates in terms of the UI that will not just provide an interactive experience but also makes it simple for your customers to grasp the pricing information.

    Let’s dive in πŸ‘‡

    • We have introduced the Thousand Separator option in the General Settings section of the App Settings page. Using this, you can choose how you want to display separations between thousands while listing product prices πŸ‘ πŸ’°

    • Your customers can now effortlessly share any product page in their circle with our newly added Share Button on the Product Detail View page. Along with boosting the engagement rate, this button helps you to acquire new customers and increase your sales πŸ“ˆ

    Bug Fixes

    It is our prime objective to help businesses deliver extraordinary app experiences to their customers. Hence, we are often on the lookout for ways to improvise our existing features so that your customers don’t face any inconvenience while using your mobile store. This includes the identification and elimination of bugs ❌ that hinder the UI. In this update, we have eliminated some bugs in Swipecart πŸ’₯

    Here is a list of some of the important bugs that we dealt with.

    Fixed: Some of the product images are not showing

    Fixed: Distortion in the image displays

    Release 2

    1. Back In Stock Plugin

    Listing out-of-stock products to customers is definitely not the best decision ❌ - It actually puts them off 😫 As a result, they either keep checking your mobile app until the product is restocked or look for alternate solutions in other brands. Considering it is not possible to keep the products always in stock, we have come up with a solution to keep the interest of your customers and prevent them from switching to other brands.

    Swipecart, true to its one-of-a-kind nature, is often on the lookout to introduce new plugins that will not just boost your app performance but also helps in achieving the main target - Increase sales. The result of such research is our latest addition to the plugin library - Back In Stock plugin.

    Once you install the plugin, the Notify Me button is activated when your products run out of stock. By clicking this button, customers can express their interest in their desired products and receive updates once they are back in stock πŸ›οΈ

    As a business owner, you can track the list of items customers are eager to buy and update your inventory based on the demand βœ…

    Know more about this plugin πŸ‘‰ How to install and activate the Back In Stock on Swipecart?

    2. Shopify Reviews Integration

    Feedback from existing customers is an excellent marketing tool to acquire new customers and encourage existing customers to make more buys. Empowering your customers to leave a review is a wonderful way to allow them to voice out their opinion πŸ”‰ and make informed decisions on the products πŸ†

    Shopify Reviews app is a brilliant product review tool designed to collect, import, and manage reviews from customers. Not just that, you can display them as product badges across your mobile app. As a result, you can gain the trust of your customers and improve the credibility of your brand.

    We have good news 😁 Swipecart now allows you to integrate with Shopify Reviews app. With the click of the Integrate button, you will be able to collect and publish the reviews of your customers on the app.

    Some perks of this integration:

    • Gain customer loyalty
    • Increase sales and conversion.
    • Increase app visibility on Play Store/App Store
    • Acquire new customers
    • Increase the number of app downloads

    Pro Tip: After integrating the app, remember to add the Reviews section from the Product Detail View page.

    Gain more information here πŸ‘‰ How to integrate Shopify Reviews into Swipecart?

    3. EcoCart Integration

    You can now contribute toward attaining a carbon-neutral environment with Swipecart πŸ™Œ

    Integrate your mobile app with EcoCart - a pioneer in reducing carbon footprints across the globe. With more countries taking pledges to reduce their carbon footprints, you can play your part by integrating this app. How? By encouraging your customers to promote a green environment 🌲 and showing that you care about planet Earth 🌎

    As you integrate EcoCart, your customers will receive an overall estimate of the carbon emission generated while shipping their orders. To balance it, your customers can pay an additional amount. This money will be leveraged in green projects of EcoCart to maintain a carbon-neutral environment.

    Note: It is not an act of compulsion. Your customers can choose to opt out πŸ’―

    With more people making eco-friendly choices in their daily lives, EcoCart integration will reestablish your relationship with your customers.

    With this integration, you can

    βœ… Increase the app conversion rate

    βœ… Strengthen customer’s trust

    βœ… Position as a responsible brand

    βœ… Improve the brand’s credibility

    Need more information on the integration? Check here πŸ‘‰ How to integrate Ecocart into Swipecart?

    4. Additional Info Plugin

    Are you noticing a trend where your customers do not continue with their purchase and they end up asking queries related to your products? 😲 Well! That’s a red flag that you are not providing enough information on the product ❌

    Put an end to such queries and utilize your resources on more productive tasks with the Additional Info plugin of Swipecart πŸ˜€With this app, you can convey product-specific or brand-specific information directly to your customers. This will not just influence their decision but also increases their trust in your brand.

    The additional info loads as a pop-up on the screens of your app users. Through this, they will gain insightful data related to your products. You can create two types of pop-ups - Product Guide and Other pop-ups.

    Some perks of having this plugin:

    • Build customer trust to purchase products
    • Improve the conversion rate
    • Increase the revenue for your online store
    • Motivate customers to make a purchase

    To know more, go to πŸ‘‰ How to install the Additional Info plugin on Swipecart?

    UI Enhancements

    With this update, we assure you that there will definitely be an increase in the engagement rate of your mobile app πŸ™Œ We have decked up your mobile app with a series of UI enhancements that will make your mobile store addicting! πŸ˜ƒ

    • We have included two more variations to your favorite Product Grid widget - You have more options to choose from while designing your mobile store. Also, Product Grid is a brilliant tool to display your featured products to your customers 🀩

    • Elevate your marketing strategy by displaying your social media links on the Side Menu Settings. Make it easier for your customers to reach you through social media platforms.

    • Have you integrated your mobile store with Smile: Rewards & Loyalty app? We have an update exclusively for YOU πŸ‘‚ Post this update, you can show this feature in the Bottom Bar.

    • Are you finding it difficult to search across your Swipecart account? Worry not! Merchants can now perform a universal search - search anything within your Swipecart account. This can be done directly from the Dashboard page. As a result, you can effortlessly customize your mobile store without navigating to every functionality manually.

    Bug Fixes

    As a no-code mobile app builder, we take efforts to constantly monitor the functioning of the app to make the existing features effective πŸ‘ Our QA team assesses the features and gives inputs on the bugs and enhancements. Based on these insights and feedback from our clients, we improvise the existing functionalities πŸš€

    Here is a list of some of the essential bugs that we handled this week.

    Fixed: Sold out message appears when trying to add a product variant with frequently brought together products.

    Fixed: Deep link is not working

    Fixed: Increase the gap between banner and slider dots

    Fixed: Social Login is not working

    Fixed: Whatsapp chat integration is not working as expected

    Fixed: Required integration option is showing even after integrating with Loox

    Fixed: Swipemode doesn’t show any data

    Swipecart is the best no-code app builder to create your ideal mobile store and increase the customer engagement rate. Check out our knowledge hub to have a glance at our trending features, plugins, and integrations!

    We have more interesting releases lined up for you. Keep an eye on this space for more such updates πŸ™Œ