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  • What is Globe View in Swipecart Analytics?

    Header desc- Read this tutorial to learn how to view key app metrics in a 3D globe visual format for easy understanding and analysis.

    Globe View is an intuitive way to visualize data like never before. It shows a 3D image of the globe to help you get a unique and insightful perspective on your app’s performance metrics country-wise on the globe.

    Steps to view app analytics in Globe View

    • Log in to your Swipecart dashboard and navigate to the Analytics section on the side panel.

    • Click on the Globe View option on the Swipecart analytics dashboard to bring up the 3D image of the globe.

    How to use the Globe View on Swipecart to view app analytics?

    • Use your mouse to click and drag the pointer to rotate the globe in any direction.
    • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.
    • Hover over specific regions or locations to see the detailed analytics for that area.
    • To make it even easier to understand, the Globe View feature highlights certain areas of the globe with dots, indicating where your app's active users are located by country.

    Here are the key app metrics you can view-

    Active users in real-time

    Track your app's activity in real-time with the Active Users feature, which shows you the number of users currently using your app and a graphical representation of how that compares to another time period.

    Total Sales

    Stay on top of your app's sales with the Total Sales feature, which displays the total revenue generated during a specified period, as well as the percentage increase or decrease compared to the previous period.

    Total Order

    The Total Order feature shows you the number of purchase orders made through your app during a specified period, along with a comparison bar graph that visually represents the increase or decrease compared to the previous period.

    Most Engaged Users

    Identify your most engaged users with the Most Engaged Users feature, which lists the usernames and session times of users who spent the most time on your app.

    User By Devices

    Understand your user base with the User By Devices feature, which uses a donut graph to show you the percentage of iOS and Android device users on your app.


    Track your app's session activity over time with the Sessions feature, which displays the total number of sessions for two specified time periods, as well as the percentage increase or decrease. This data is presented on the Swipecart Analytics Globe View dashboard with two different color lines representing the two comparison periods.

    Sales By Location

    Understand where your sales are coming from with the Sales By Location feature, which lists the countries where significant sales are being made, along with the percentage increase or decrease in sales for the specified period.

    With these powerful features, you can gain valuable insights into your app's performance and user behavior, and make data-driven decisions to improve your app's engagement, sales, and overall success.

    For any inquiries about Globe View Analytics, we encourage you to get in touch with our implementation specialist or contact our support team.

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