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  • How to whitelist domains on Firebase to allow authentication for Swipecart Android apps?

    Swipecart tutorial to whitelist your domains on the Firebase project account to allow authentication for your Android app.

    What is whitelisting on Firebase?

    • A Firebase project for your website/app gives access to various services, including authentication and analytics.
    • Firebase authentication for Android apps is a feature that allows users to sign in to your app using their email, passwords, or phone numbers.
    • But to make Firebase authentication work, you must whitelist your store domains so that the Firebase Authentication servers can redirect users to the website/app after they sign in using their email id or other standard methods.
    • By default, the localhost and your Firebase project’s hosting domain are whitelisted. But you must whitelist your store and Shopify store. Whitelisting allows for requests from any URL and port of the added domains.

    Steps for whitelisting domains on Firebase for your Swipecart app

    • Log in to your Firebase account and navigate to Engage > Dynamic Links.

    • Click on Allowlist URL pattern on the three-dot icon menu.

    • Add your store domain and Shopify domain links here and click Save when done.


    Format for your store domain or

    Format for your Shopify store domain:

    Your store domain and Shopify store domain are now whitelisted on Firebase. You can now use your Swipecart Android app to allow users to sign in using email, passwords, or other methods.

    For further queries on whitelisting domain URLs, we encourage you to get in touch with our implementation specialist or contact our support team.

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