Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • How do I check the App Store/Play Store listing status of my Swipecart app?

    Read through this article to help you understand how to track your app listing status on Swipecart.

    Track it through the App Publish progress bar indicator. It has four stages and you have to reach the Application Status for the app to be listed. It is here that you can check your app’s App Store/Play Store listing status.

    Verification Accepted- The verification process is complete.

    Verification Rejected- Click on Reupload to re-upload the valid files mentioned in the list.

    Click Apply for verification once you re-upload the accurate files.

    Now, you can check your application status separately for App Store and Play Store. The status has three steps-

    • Under Process
    • Under Review
    • App Published

    As soon as your app is published on the App Store and Play Store, it is listed as Published on the App Publish page’s Application Status section. You can access your app’s App Store and Play Store links in this section.