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  • How to create a product push notification on Swipecart?

    Have a query on how to create a push notification to redirect users to a specific product page on Swipecart? We have got you covered.

    Create push notifications for product promotions on Swipecart. Redirect users to a specific product page when they click on the notification.

    • On your Swipecart dashboard, navigate to Marketing > Campaigns on the side panel.
    • Here, on the Campaigns page, click on Create Campaign.
    • Now, on the Push Notifications page, navigate to the Product tab. This is to redirect users to a specific product page on your app when they click on the push notification.

    • Select the product to link for the push notification from the Select Product dropdown.
    • Click Upload Image if you want to change the product image and add a new one from your computer.
    • Enter the push notification Title and frame the push notification Description.
    • Pick the target Audience (you need to create it in Audience Segments) from the dropdown.

    • As soon as you do this, the number of push notification subscribers for this segment is listed at the bottom as “You have XX push subscribers”.
    • Next, enable Now Your Push if you want to send push notifications instantly.
    • Enable Schedule Your Push and select the date and time if you want to schedule the push notifications for a later date. Swipecart automatically triggers push notifications on the selected date and time.

    • Finally, click Send Push Notification when you are done.

    • Preview your push notification in the right section on the mobile device mockup as you create it. Click on Expand to see it in an expanded or fuller version.

    • All the campaigns you create get listed on the Campaigns dashboard for easy access. Click on Create Campaign to create another push notification campaign.