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How to access push notification reports & analytics on Swipecart?
How to access push notification reports & analytics on Swipecart?
Read this tutorial to learn how to access your push notification campaign report on Swipecart.
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Swipecart makes it easy for you to track the results of your push notification campaign. You can view some of the crucial push notification metrics to analyze its success.

Steps to view the push notification campaign list on Swipecart

  • Click on Marketing > Campaigns on your Swipecart dashboard.

  • On the Campaigns page, you can view the list of push notification campaigns you have created. Search for any specific campaign through the Search feature.

  • Select the number of entries to be displayed on a page from the Show Entries dropdown.

The page lists these push notification campaign details-

  1. Title - (The up & down arrows allow you to list it in ascending/descending order as per the title name)

  2. Description

  3. Date & Time - (The up and down arrows allow you to arrange the list based on the ascending/descending order of their date & time)

  4. Status - Scheduled or Sent (The up and down arrows allow you to arrange the list based on their Schedule status).

  5. Action - You can Edit, Duplicate, or Delete the campaign.

Steps to view push notification analytics on Swipecart

  • Click on the Title of any campaign to view its metrics. You can view metrics for the Sent push notifications only.

  • It opens the Campaign Analytics page where you can view the campaign’s Title, Description, and Schedule Time (sent date & time).

  • Here are the push notification campaign metrics you can view on Swipecart.

Push Notifications Sent

  • This number denotes the number of push notifications sent for this campaign. This has to match the number of subscribers for your push notification campaign.

    💡Note: Technical or device issues may cause a difference in the number of subscribers and the push notifications sent.

View Rate

  • This is the percentage of click-through rates for the push notification. It denotes the number of subscribers who have received and clicked through the notification in percentage terms. A higher view rate is good for your business.

    Note: View rate does not indicate if the click-throughs have converted into sales or any other action on your app.


  • This is the number of views the push notification has received. It essentially denotes the number of subscribers who have viewed your notification.

Notification Analytics

  • This is a graphical representation of the number of views received by the push notification through the hour/day. Hover over the graph to view a display card containing details on the number of views for that specific day/time.

  • That’s it for viewing the push notification report on Swipecart. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us and talk to our implementation specialist.

  • To learn about the pricing plans of Swipecart, kindly explore our website. If you are interested in discovering the full range of features and benefits that Swipecart offers, we invite you to book a demo with us. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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