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  • How to generate Facebook App ID to integrate Facebook Conversion Tracking on Swipecart?

    Learn how to generate a Facebook App Id for your Swipecart app and find the app’s Facebook Client Token and Display Name.

    In order to use the Facebook Conversion tracking integration tool on the Swipecart app, you have to first generate a Facebook App ID.

    Steps to Generate Facebook App ID for your Swipecart app

    NOTE: If you haven’t yet registered as a Facebook developer, click on Register. Follow the steps until your account is created. Click on Create App shown on the screen.

    • If you are already registered, navigate to My Apps on the top menu and click on Create App from the dropdown.

    • In the Select, an app type section, select Business and tap on Next.

    • In the Details section, enter an App Display Name (preferably your app’s name). Copy this Facebook App Name. Next, add a Contact Email.

    • For the Business Manager account option, select No Business Manager account from the dropdown and click Create App.
    • Authenticate your account by typing in the password and clicking Submit.
    • You’ll be redirected to the newly created app’s dashboard.

    • Go to Settings > Basic and enter these details- App Domain, Privacy Policy URL, Terms of Service URL, User data deletion (you can put your Privacy Policy link here that has a section on how users can delete their data on the app).

    • In the Category section, select Business and Pages.

    • Scroll down and click on Add Platform.

    1. Steps to fill in iOS platform details

    • In the Select Platform popup, select iOS and tap on Next.

    NOTE: If you have published the app on Google Play Store only, skip these steps and go to Steps to fill in Google platform details.

    • Now, fill in the Bundle ID (For example name)

    NOTE: Log in to your iTunes Connect account. Click on your app. Go to General > App Information. Your app’s Bundle ID is displayed there.

    • Next, fill in the iPhone Store ID and iPad Store ID.

    NOTE: The iPhone Store ID or the iPad Store ID can be found in the iTunes store URL for your app as the string of numbers directly after the id. For example, in The ID is: 284708450

    Next, fill in the Shared Key value.

    NOTE: To get the Shared Key value, log in to your Apple Developer account. Navigate to App Store Connect in the left panel and click on Go To App Store Connect. On this page, click on My Apps.

    • Select your app and navigate to the Features tab. Select In-App Purchases in the left panel and click on App-Specific Shared Secret. Copy the Shared Secret value. Click on Generate if you don’t have one.

    2. Steps to fill in Android platform details

    • After you have filled in all the details for the iOS platform, click on Add Platform again. Now, select Android as the option and tap on Next.

    • Select Google Play from the dropdown menu and click Next.

    • For Android, you have to first enter the Key hashes.

    NOTE: To get the Android Key hashes, first, enable App Signing for your app in your Google Play Developer Console. Then select your App > Release Management > App Signing. You’ll see your release SHA1 key there in hex format. Search for an online SHA1 to Hash generator tool online that converts it into base64 format which is the Key hashes.

    • Now, in the Google Play section, fill in the Package Names.

    NOTE: To find your app’s Package Name, go to its listing page on Google Play Store. Here find the package name in its URL after ?id=. For example, if the URL of your app is The app’s package name is com.rentechdigital.swipecart.swipecart&hl=en&gl=US

    • Next, fill in your Android app’s Class Name.

    NOTE: Seek assistance from our implementation specialist to get your Android app’s Class Name.

    • Then fill in the Install referrer Decryption Key.

    NOTE: Log in to your Google Play Console account and select your app. Navigate to Development tools in the left menu and then to Referral Settings. Click on Create Certificate under Install Referrer. Enter a name for your certificate and upload your public key. Click on Create. After the certificate is created, download the Install Referrer Decryption Key from the same page.

    • Once you have provided all details, click Save Changes.

    • Navigate to App Review in the side panel and click on Permissions and Features.
    • Read the guidelines and click Done.

    • Tap Not Now in the How This App Requests Data popup box.

    • Go to the pubic_profile section in the Permissions and Features page and click on Get Advanced Access button.

    • In the popup that opens, check the agreement box and click Confirm. Now your app can request analytics insights from Facebook to improve your ad promotions. Authenticate by filling in your password and clicking Submit.

    • Navigate to the email section in the Permissions and Features page and click Get Advanced Access.

    • In the popup, check the agreement box and click Confirm. With this, your app can read the primary email address of users. Authenticate by filling in your password and clicking Submit.

    • Lastly, go back to the app dashboard on Facebook and set the app live by enabling the ON/OFF switch at the top right of the page.

    • Copy the App ID available on this page.

    • To get the Facebook Client Token for your app, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Security > Client Token and copy this value.

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