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  • How to add the certificate file and secret file to secure website in Dotcom?

    Upgrade the security of your website by incorporating the custom security method while connecting your domain.

    The Custom Security method of Dotcom empowers users to secure their website through an SSL certificate file and secret key. Through this, you can have enhanced security and ensure a safer browsing environment for your website visitors.

    Steps to get the certificate file and secret key

    • While there are several methods to get the certificate file and secret key, we have explained the most common method of getting the files.

    NOTE: The certificates that you purchase through the domain service providers are initially sent by a Certificate Authority to the admin email address. If you have not received a valid certificate, you can download the certificate by following the below steps.

    • Log into your service provider account and navigate to SSL Certificates.
    • Select the SSL Certificate you need and click Download.
    • Once your file is downloaded, you can see three types of files:
    • *.crt
    • *.ca-bundle
    • *.p7b.
    • *.crt is the file with your server certificate.
    • To get the secret file containing the private key, you should navigate to the place where the CSR creation was conducted. It can be a server, web hosting control panel, online generator, etc. From here, you can retrieve the secret file which has an extension of .pem.

    Steps to upload the certificate file and secret key in Dotcom

    • Select Settings → Domain from the left navigation panel of your Dotcom account.

    • After connecting your domain successfully with Dotcom, you can enhance your website’s security with the Default Security and Custom Security method.
    • Here, select Custom Security as this is where you can add the certificate key and secret file.

    • On selecting the Custom Security method, you can secure your website by uploading the SSL certificate file and secret file.
    • Here, you can upload the *.crt file in the “Upload a certificate file” and the *.pem file in the “Upload a secret file”.
    • Click Continue.

    • If the files are uploaded incorrectly, you will receive an error message. You have to re-upload the correct files.

    • After connecting successfully, your domain will be listed on the Domains page.

    • That ends our guide on adding a certificate file and secret file with Dotcom.

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