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  • How to access your theme on Dotcom?

    Read this tutorial to know how to access your theme on Dotcom and what features are available for the themes on Dotcom.

    A theme on Dotcom allows you to determine the overall look and style of your site. It allows you to experiment with different color schemes, typography, page layouts, features, and other design elements that contribute to the visual aesthetics and user experience of a website.

    Dotcom allows you to create multiple themes for your site so that you test different themes before selecting the final one for our site. Let’s see how to access a theme on Dotcom.

    Steps to access your theme on Dotcom

    • Log in to your Dotcom dashboard. Navigate to the Themes menu. All the themes you have created are listed in the My Themes section.
    • To open and start working on the theme, click on the three-dot icon displayed against the theme name. It opens a floating menu.

    Let’s see the options available here for your theme.


    • The theme opens where you can start adding Elements and Widgets into it or edit the existing ones.

    Publish Theme

    • When you are done designing your theme, you can go ahead and publish the theme by clicking on Publish Theme. It’ll open a popup asking you if you want to replace the currently published theme with this theme. Click on Publish to continue and publish the theme.

    Rename Theme

    • Click on this option to rename your theme. In the popup, enter the Theme Name and click on Save.

    Duplicate Theme

    • Click on this option to create a duplicate for the theme. In the popup, click on Duplicate and you’ll find the duplicate theme listed in the My Themes section.


    If you no longer want any existing theme, simply click on Delete. In the popup click on Delete to confirm. The deleted theme will be available in the Archive section for 30 days from the date of deletion if you plan to restore it.

    That ends our tutorial on how to access your theme on Dotcom. Refer to this tutorial if you want to create a new theme for your site on the no-code website builder Dotcom.

    If you have any questions regarding themes, we recommend reaching out to our implementation specialist or contacting our support team for further assistance.

    To understand the pricing plans for Dotcom, we encourage you to visit our pricing page, where you can explore the different options available. If you would like to discover the complete range of features and benefits offered by Dotcom, we invite you to schedule a demo with our team.