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  • How to get started with designing your theme on Dotcom?

    How to start customizing a theme after creating it? Read this tutorial on how to get started with designing your theme on Dotcom.

    Congratulations on signing up for Dotcom! Now, it's time to strengthen your online presence by building your website. The first step is to create a theme. Let us guide you through the process of creating and designing a theme on Dotcom, ensuring you get off to a great start.

    Steps to get started with designing your theme on Dotcom

    • Log in to your Dotcom dashboard. Navigate to the Themes menu.

    • The new site that you created while signing up is selected by default. Confirm that by seeing if it is selected from the top dropdown.

    • Now, click on Create Theme.

    • In the popup, enter the Theme Name and click Continue.

    • The new theme is listed in the My Themes section.

    • Click on the three-dot icon next to it to open a floating menu. Click on Edit.

    The theme screen opens up. Complete three steps to get started.

    Onboarding steps when creating a new theme on Dotcom

    Let's quickly take you through the three steps to set your theme style on Dotcom.

    Step1: Upload your favicon

    • Let’s start by uploading your brand logo. Click on Upload to upload a favicon from your computer. The file should be 16x16 pixels and in PNG or ICO format. The logo gets added to your theme screen. Click on Next.

    Note: You can change the favicon anytime at Theme Settings > Website Logo.

    Step 2: Font

    • Select a font for your theme from the font list dropdown. The font style of the content on the theme screen changes as per your font style selection. Click on Next.

    Note: You can change the font style anytime at Theme Settings > Site Font.

    Step 3: Set your default colors

    • Configure color variables for your theme elements and components. These include-
    • Primary text
    • Text
    • Background
    • Destructive
    • Success
    • Alert

    • Click on the color box against the respective contextual text classes. Use the color picker tool, the color range selector, or enter the color values in HEX, RGB, or HSL to select the color. Click on Get Started.

    Note: You can change these values by going to Theme Settings > Site Colors.

    Note: You can skip these three steps. But we recommend completing it before getting started with designing the theme on Dotcom.

    • Now, you are taken to the theme edit dashboard. You’ll see tabs for Elements and Widgets in the design section. Use the drag-and-drop feature to add these to your theme. Customize each of them using the edit icon.

    • To make changes to the theme, navigate to the Theme Styles tab. Here, you can configure the style of your fonts, colors, and buttons for the theme.

    • The desktop, tablet, and mobile app icons at the top of your screen allow you to view the theme design on different screen types.

    • Click on Save to save the changes you make as you design the theme.

    • This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. Click on Preview to get a real-time preview of your theme as you keep updating it.

    That ends our tutorial on how to get started with designing your theme on Dotcom.

    If you have any questions regarding creating sites on Dotcom, we recommend reaching out to our implementation specialist or contacting our support team for further assistance.

    For detailed pricing plans, please visit Dotcom’s pricing page. To explore the full range of features and benefits, schedule a demo with our team.