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  • What is an Element in Dotcom?

    The basic building block for your website is an Element. Read this guide to get an overview of an Element in the no-code web builder Dotcom.

    What is an Element in Dotcom?

    • An Element in Dotcom refers to any individual component or object that can be placed on a webpage. They are the building blocks that make up the content and functionality of a webpage.
    • In Dotcom, elements can include text, images, videos, paragraphs, icons, navigation menus, and more.
    • Each element has its own properties and characteristics that can be customized using the customization panel for that Element. They can be styled and arranged to create an engaging and interactive user interface. Generally, the customization panel has three tabs.
    1. Content
    2. Style
    3. Advanced
    • Let's look at each of these tabs here.


    • On the Content tab, you can perform content edits for the Element. For instance, if it is a Video element, you upload a video here and adjust its alignment. Similarly, if it is a Paragraph element, you type in the text for the paragraph.

    2. Style

    • The Style tab lets you customize the styling details of the element. For instance, you can customize the Normal mode and Hover effect, edit border styling, and adjust the width, height, and fit of an Image element.

    3. Advanced

    • The Advanced tab is used to configure some advanced settings for the element. For example, you can define the margin, padding, position, and visibility on different device screen types for a Paragraph element here.

    NOTE: The availability of the three tabs and the customizations in them vary depending on the Element type.

    • In general, elements can be arranged and organized within containers. They can be positioned relative to each other, styled with various colors and backgrounds, and interacted with by users, such as by clicking a button or filling out a form.
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