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  • How to make general customizations to a container on Dotcom?

    This tutorial is about general customizations for your container, such as deleting, duplicating, or changing its position inside the page.

    Dotcom provides general customizations for the container, giving you more control over its functionality and placement on the page. The general customizations for the container are deleting or duplicating it and changing its placement on the page. Let's explore these features in more detail.

    How to change the position of a container on Dotcom?

    • To change the position of the container on the web page, hover over it and locate the six-dots icon. Click-press-drag and drop the icon to move the container to the desired position on the page.

    How to add a new container on Dotcom?

    • To create a new container, hover over the container and click on +. A new blank container is added below the existing container on your web page. You can drag and drop any element or widget inside the blank container now.

    How to duplicate a container on Dotcom?

    • To duplicate a container, hover over it and click on the copy icon. Then, choose the desired location for the copy. Select a container above it and click the paste icon. This action will add a duplicate copy of the container, including its content, below the selected container.

    How to delete a container on Dotcom?

    • Hover over the container you want to delete and click on the delete icon to delete the container from the page.

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