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  • What is a container in Dotcom?

    The elements and widgets are enclosed in containers. This tutorial will give you an insight into containers, and their columns and rows.

    What is a container in Dotcom?

    • In Dotcom, a container is a designated space or container that holds one or more elements or widgets together. A container can be considered a box that surrounds and encapsulates the elements and widgets, such as text, images, forms, icons, paragraphs, footers, or others. It helps structure the layout of the webpage, defining the positioning, styling, and behavior of the enclosed content.
    • A container can be divided into two sections for customization and styling- column and row.

    What is a container column?

    • A container column is a type of section where you can arrange the content vertically, one below the other. Think of it as a vertical stack of content. So, in Dotcom, you can divide the container into many columns and each column inside the container can be customized using its three sections.
    • Content
    • Style
    • Advanced

    What is a container row?

    • A container row is another type that arranges the content horizontally. Each element or content of a widget within the container row takes up a portion of the width of the container, and together they form a row. In Dotcom, each container has a corresponding row. It can be customized using its three sections.
    • Content
    • Style
    • Advanced

    • In total, imagine you have a webpage with elements and widgets. The container is like a box that holds them together. If you want to stack them vertically, you use a container column. If you're going to arrange them side by side, you use a container row.

    What is the benefit of a container in Dotcom?

    • Containers help you keep the content organized.
    • It provides a structure to your webpage layout.
    • They also allow you to control the position of the content.

    A container makes it easier for you to create a visually appealing and user-friendly design.

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