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  • How to use the Column element on Dotcom?

    Add custom columns to your web pages and add any element to them for an engaging user experience.

    What Is a Column Element?

    The Column element of Dotcom lets you add columns to your design layout. After adding the column, you can add essential elements to each column to create a neat user interface. This not only offers an interactive user experience but also ensures that the message is conveyed to your website visitors effortlessly.

    Steps to add the Column element on Dotcom

    • Go to the Dotcom dashboard and choose the desired theme under the My Themes section.
    • Click on the three-dot icon to open the menu. Here, click Edit.

    • Here, choose the page you want to insert the Column element from the Select dropdown.

    • Drag and drop the Column element to the preferred location from the Elements tab. After that, add the element you want to place inside the column.
    • You can add new columns in two ways:
    • Drag and drop the column element
    • Drag and drop any other element
    • Add the new element before or after the column where you want to add a new column.
    • A new column is added automatically with the chosen element.
    • Repeat the steps to add more columns.

    • Hover over the Column element. Here, you can perform two edit actions.
    • Edit the container column
    • Edit the container row

    NOTE: The customization of the element depends on their characteristics.

    1. How to edit the container column on Dotcom?

    • Hover over the added element and click on the edit icon for the container column. The Customization panel loads on the right side. It contains three tabs:
    • Content
    • Style
    • Advanced
    • You have the choice to edit each part individually and make the necessary customizations.

    2. How to edit the container row on Dotcom?

    • Similarly, hover over the Column element. Click Edit of the row container. The Customization panel loads on the right side with three tabs.
    • Content
    • Style
    • Advanced
    • Alter each part individually to build a personalized style for the container row.

    Along with the above configurations, you can also make general customizations.

    That ends our tutorial on how to use the Column element on Dotcom.

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