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  • How to set Site Colors/Theme Colors on Dotcom?

    In this tutorial, we’ll guide you on how to set the theme colors or site colors on the no-code website builder Dotcom.

    In Dotcom, “Theme Colors” or “Site Colors” refer to a predefined set of colors used consistently throughout the website to create a visually cohesive and unified look and feel.

    The theme color palette consists of a primary color and several secondary or accent colors. The primary color is the dominant hue that sets the tone for the entire design. The secondary colors add visual interest and highlight specific elements or interactions.

    In Dotcom, the primary and secondary colors are preset according to the Global Color Styles. But you can change these colors or add your own custom color to this list.

    How to set Site Colors on Dotcom?

    • On your Dotcom dashboard, navigate to the Themes menu. Select your theme from the My Themes section. Click on the three-dot icon to open a floating menu. Now, click on Edit to open the theme dashboard.

    • In the left menu, navigate to the Theme Styles tab > Site Colors.

    • Here, you’ll see a default color palette with a Primary color and other secondary colors, such as Text, Background, Destructive, Success, and Alert. These are the standard colors and will be available as a Global Colors list whenever you have to set the color for any content while designing your website.

    • Click on the color box if you want to change these default colors. Here, you can change the color using three methods.
    • Use the color range slider and the color dot inside the color box to set your color.
    • Fill in color values in RGB, HSL, or HEX format.
    • Click on the ink dropper (eye dropper) tool and move the patch to the color you want on the screen to pick the exact sample color.

    • Click on the color name text if you want to change the name. In this way, set the names and colors for your primary and secondary colors.

    • Next, click on Add Custom Color to add a new color to your Global Colors list. Click on the New Color text to change its name. Next, click on its color box and repeat the same process as mentioned above to set its color. You can add as many custom colors as you want to the list.

    • Click on the delete icon to remove any new custom colors added to the list.

    That ends our tutorial on how to set Site colors or Theme colors on Dotcom.

    If you have any questions regarding this topic, we recommend reaching out to our implementation specialist or contacting our support team for further assistance.

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